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Welcome to TacTics Resource Services! PDF Print E-mail

We are Delighted You have Found Us!

Our goals are to educate & support parents, teachers, children, teens and adults, by facilitating unique programs and services that empower healthy relationships.

Kindly take your time reading about the various attachment-based approaches we utilize within our individual and group work.

For over 23 years, it has been an honour and privilege to foster and enhance success for thousands of families. We look forward to enriching and improving your family life as well.

  • Do you want to end the yelling, power struggles & battles that consume your daily family life?

  • Is your parent-child relationship feeling strained or rocky?

  • Are you feeling hopeless, exhausted or overwhelmed parenting your child/teen?

Learn Parenting Approaches that Immediately Work!

  • Acquire strategies that teach your child/teen the values, morals & social skills that will enrich their lives.

  • Bring the connection back into your family life.

  • Empower yourself with positivity in your parenting role.

No GREATer Teacher is You - the Parent,
& your Child is Your GREATest Growth Gift!

  • Parenting is the most important job of our lives & doesn't come with an owner's manual.
  • It is especially difficult when your child is struggling with angry outbursts, impulsivity, anxiety, depression, oppositionality, defiance, stress & social problems. In each of these situations, it is a normal reaction for parents to feel overwhelmed or helpless when their best efforts don't help their child feel or behave better.
  • Parenting all children & teens, especially those with ADHD, learning differences, aspergers, oppositional defiance, mood, adoption & attachment disorders requires a positive, mindful, connective approach.
  • Traditional consequences, such as, isolated time-out, well intended discussions/lectures, grounding, removal of privileges, only serve to reinforce negative behaviour and parent-child disconnection.
  • Countless hours spent arguing, yelling or punishing children only intensifies the disconnect making the relationship that much harder to repair.
  • Our programs teach how to refuel and facilitate reparation, re-establishing the parent-child connection & relationship.

What You will Learn  is a "Heartfelt Parenting Model" that Works!

  • Children need nourishment from the inside out, making them stronger & better able to handle life's challenges.
  • Your connection allows you to reach, teach & guide.


  • Become "success mentors"  instead of the "behaviour police
  • "Discover "attachment-based" parenting methods that help you feel competent & better prepared to help your child/teen at home.
  • Instill connectiveness & joyful play within your family
  • Become more proactive, less reactive & more appreciative in your parenting role
  • Acquire a new language of relationship - a "nutritious vocabulary of positivity"
  • Learn the balance of rule setting and a non-shame based consequence which repairs & increases connection.
  • Create healthier, happier & more peaceful family relationships


We  provide School Wide Nurtured Heart Approach® & HeartMath® Workshops/Training for Teachers and Theraplay® Classroom Social Skills Groups.

For the past 8 years, we have been delighted to present this approach at (QPAT) The Quebec Teachers Convention & various schools in greater Montreal.

  • Upon using this approach, teachers world-wide have witnessed a decrease in disruptive behaviours, such as bullying detentions, suspensions, discipline referrals, disrespect and defiance.

  • They see a signifcant increase in the academic scores in ALL students. Value, honour, peace, hope and respect returrn to the school leaving much more time for teaching, learning and empowering minds and spirits.

  • It transports students into an entirely different sense of who they are and will become. They begin to realize their problems are nothing compared to their abilities to overcome them.

Parents & Teachers - Get ready for "immediate results" enhancing relationships & creating peaceful, successful homes and classrooms.

Linda Aber is a Certified Nurtured Heart Approach® Advanced Trainer, Certified  Theraplay® Group Specialist, Certified HeartMath® Mentor/Practioner & Certified Family Life Educator and Parent Coach who offers Workshops for Families and School Professionals:

  • Nurtured Heart Approach® Parenting Workshops
  • HeartMath Parenting Workshops
  • Multi-Family HeartMath® Groups
  • Parent Coaching
  • ADHD/LD/Aspergers Parent Strategies Groups
  • Coaching on Wheels Program
  • Theraplay® Social & Thinking Skills Groups for Youth & their Parents
  • Teen & Young Adult Life Skills
  • ADHD Adults Groups
  • Nurtured Heart Approach®: Teacher Workshops
  • HeartMath®: Teacher Workshops
  • Theraplay® Sunshine Circles Classroom Groups (for teachers & their students)

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW LINDA CAN SUPPORT YOU OR YOUR ORGANIZATION CALL 514- 487-3533514- 487-3533 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Linda Aber is an official member of A.N.N.


"When mindfulness embraces those we love, they bloom like flowers."

- Thich Nhat Hanh


  • HeartMath
    Stress, Anxiety & Anger reduction workshops

  • Nurtured Heart Parent Workshops

  • Support Groups for Parents of Children/Teens with ADHD, LD & Aspergers Syndrome

  • Theraplay Social & Thinking Skills Groups for Children/Teens AND their Parents

  • Sunshine Circles for School: Nurture Your Classroom with Play

  • Nurtured Heart School & Teacher Workshops:

Presented as a
Guest Speaker at:

  • (QPAT) The Quebec Provincial Teacher's Convention

  • LDAQ Montreal Chapter 1 Parent Conference

  • The Bronfman Educational Teacher's Convention

  • McGill Distinguished Speaker's Seminar

  • AQETA Learning Disabilities Association Conference

  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board SEAC Parent Conference

  • Tyndale St. George

  • St. Colombia House

  • plus numerous Montreal schools