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Upcoming Events: We offer many useful lectures and events throughout the year. Check back often for new postings...
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2017 Workshops & Groups

Montréal Centre for Learning Disabilities

Held at Queen Elizabeth Health Complex 2111 Northcliffe

2nd Floor, Suite 212

Call to register at (514) 487-3533

MCLD Guest Speaker Presentations

  • Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 (7:00 pm-9:00 pm)  More Connection & Less Correction!  with Linda Aber

February/March Theraplay® Social Skills Groups (Youth & Parents together in sessions)

  • Become your child's Social Coach & utilize new skills at home.
  • Our unique Saturday or Sunday program is offered
  • Acquire a new parenting approach that works & fun strategies to foster emotional regulation, perspective taking & friendship skills.
  • Enhance your parent-child relationship.

February/March HeartMath® Anxiety, Stress, Anger Reduction Individual & Family Groups (Children/Teens & their Parents)

  • Six 2-hr sessions where participants learn a research based emotion-focused tools and techniques to facilitate emotional self-regulation for home & school.

February/March HeartMath® TestEdge Individual & Family Groups (Youth & Young Adults & their Parents)

  • Six 2-hr sessions where participants learn a research based program that helps students increase their capacity to learn and improve their performance on tests.
  • Helps develop the motivation and focus they need to approach daily classroom learning and test-taking in an optimal-performance state.
  • Neutralizes performance blocks such as anxiety, frustration, boredom and resignation.
  • Enhances confidence, problem solving and stamina.

Theraplay® Young Adults Social Skills Groups ADHD, LD & mild ASD (ages 17 & up) 

Our group provides a safe place where young adults can meet & make new friends while acquiring pro-social skills plus enjoy activities together. Topics include:

  • communication, social & relationship skills, character building, anxiety & anger reduction.

Adult ADHD Support Group: Embrace your Hidden Gifts

  • TBA (7pm-9pm) -  Learn the power of Nurtured Heart "positivity", strategies for stress & anxiety, relationship, organization & time management for home & work.

February-April MCLD Aqua-Kids Swim, Art & Gym Program:  Friday,  (10 weekly sessions)

  • For youth ages 6-16 who have ADHD, LD, Mild ASD & fine or gross motor skills difficulty. Held at the Hampton YMCA in NDG Fridays from 6 pm-8:15 pm. Join the fun, swim & meet new friends.

Montreal Centre for Learning Disabilities

Monthly Parent Support Group



You Have to Reach Their Heart Before You Can Reach Their Head


Speaker: Linda Aber

Tuesday, February 21st 2017

The Queen Elizabeth Health Complex


Service Available to MCLD Members

Seating is Limited to 25 participants

Call Linda to reserve your spot (514) 487-3533

Parenting a child, teen or young adult with ADHD, LD and mild ASD is a very fulfilling yet complex task. It occasionally resembles a roller-coaster ride with exhilarating highs and lows. During the ride, parents need to be careful not to become too focused on one aspect of parenting and let the others fall by the wayside. Too often, parents who are intently focused on traditional discipline, (behavior modification) get caught up in daily battles and lose sight of the bigger picture- the parent-child relationship!

In our parent support group session we will explore:

  • strategies to reach their heart.
  • how to connect while setting positive boundaries and rules.
  • why the relationship we have with our children is the single biggest influence on them.
  • how a healthy relationship based on empathy, compassion and respect is the recipe for success.







"When mindfulness embraces those we love, they bloom like flowers."

- Thich Nhat Hanh


  • HeartMath
    Stress, Anxiety & Anger reduction workshops

  • Nurtured Heart Parent Workshops

  • Support Groups for Parents of Children/Teens with ADHD, LD & Aspergers Syndrome

  • Theraplay Social & Thinking Skills Groups for Children/Teens AND their Parents

  • Sunshine Circles for School: Nurture Your Classroom with Play

  • Nurtured Heart School & Teacher Workshops:

Presented as a
Guest Speaker at:

  • (QPAT) The Quebec Provincial Teacher's Convention

  • LDAQ Montreal Chapter 1 Parent Conference

  • The Bronfman Educational Teacher's Convention

  • McGill Distinguished Speaker's Seminar

  • AQETA Learning Disabilities Association Conference

  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board SEAC Parent Conference

  • Tyndale St. George

  • St. Colombia House

  • plus numerous Montreal schools